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Complete address, including country and postal code: [^5u݋/Home Telephone RlQ5u݋/Business Telephone Ow/FAX 5u/Email 10. 8lEN0W@W/Permanent Address (only if different from No. 9) (For our records only. No mail will be sent to this address.) Complete address, including country and postal code: [^5u݋/Home Telephone RlQ5u݋/Business Telephone Ow/FAX 5u/Email 11. vMR(W!h`Q/Current Studying Status f[b/Name of Institution NN/Field of Study (W!he/Dates of Attendance(from/to) 12. ,gNf[S/Higher Education R>NQ`O@b gf~f[`NǏv'Yf[Tlf[b Ty N_,{N*Nf[Xf[MOvf[b_Y vQYO cez^cR0Y gSSDuf0(List all universities and law schools you have attended, beginning with the institution from which you received your first Bachelor s degree, followed by the rest in chronological order. Use an additional page if necessary.) f[!h/Name of Institution NN/Field of Study (W!he/Dates of Attendance(from/to) @bf[MO/Degree or Diploma 13. 3uf[!h/Institution you are Applyi46p   & * D J  D x ·|u|kkah65>*CJo(h@ 5>*CJo( h65o( h@ 5o( h@ 5jh@ 5UmHnHuhN5CJo( h@ 5CJh@ 5CJo( h@ 5CJh@ CJKHPJo(h@ CJ KHPJaJ o(h@ CJ KHPJaJ h@ 5CJ PJaJ h@ 5CJ PJaJ o(h@ 5CJ$PJaJ$o(&6 * B ddd dddddh d8^`d8$d8a$ $7$8$H$a$$da$dx  @ B D T d f l  4^bdz (*<>PZhvxüԼԼ휼 jh@ 5CJo( h@ 5>*h@ 5>*CJ h@ 5CJh@ 5CJo( h@ 5o( jh@ 5>*UmHnHu h@ 5 h6CJo( h@ CJ h@ CJo(h@ 5>*o(h@ 5>*CJo(8 6 4\Ǽ{{qhqq_S_h@ CJaJmH sH h@ CJaJo(h@ 5>*CJh@ 5>*CJo(h@ 5KHPJaJh@ 56KHPJ]aJo(h@ 56KHPJ]aJh@ 5KHPJaJh@ 5KHPJaJo(h@ 5KHPJaJ h@ 5o(h@ CJaJh@ CJaJo(h@ CJaJo( h@ 5>*h@ 5>*o(h@ 5CJo( h'  d&d P d$a$$a$gd)Sdgd)S $da$gd)SdH.XDNVDdWDXD^`dH>XD $7$8$H$a$. d`VDWDd^. `&.0Tfh~,-.b' &\df,:JȶԯhA CJaJo(h)SCJaJo( h)S5o( h;N5o( h0L5o( h@ 5aJh@ 5>*CJo(h@ 56] h@ 5 h@ 5o( h@ >*aJ h@ aJo(h@ CJaJmH sH h@ CJaJo(h@ >*aJo(2Dnp:JLN |~ . ......./»»»»»»ˇ˅|rrih@ 5mH sH h@ 5>*CJo(h@ 5CJo(U h@ 5h)Sh@ 5>*h@ 5>*o(h@ CJaJh@ CJaJmH sH h@ CJaJo( h@ 5aJh@ 5aJo( h@ 5o( h)S5o(h;Nh;N5o(h)S5>*o(h)SCJaJo(h)SCJaJmH sH )ng for 14. R/English Language Proficiency ~RQ`OSRǏv4ls^ՋvgؚRpev^D&^vsQfeNOYǏS$Nt^QSRvŖ`bXbyՋ /Please give details and supply documentation of your highest score of an English Language Test (e.g. IELTS/TOEFL within the past two years) Ջ Ty/Test Name Ջeg/Test Date ՋRpe/Test Score (D Nb~US YpSN/Attach the copy of test results) 15. cPOR>NQ\$NMO`OvcPNvY TNLMO0laN`Ovlf[bbXTb`O:NvQ]\OvNvegO\O/f^8^ g.^Rv0 egꁎN*NNb[N gSvONN,:N/fe.^Rv0 /References: Please give the names and professional positions of at least two persons whom you have asked to write letters of recommendation on your behalf. (Note: The letters that are most helpful are those written by law school faculty members who know you well or by persons for whom you have worked in a professional capacity. Letters from personal or family friends are generally not helpful.) Y T/Name LMO/Professional position T|e_/letter enclosed/letter will be sent Y T/Name LMO/Professional position T|e_/letter enclosed/letter will be sent 16. cNNnUS/ Checklist la/NOTEd^cO NRPhQveN &TR3u\eHe0/ Unless ALL the listed documents are provided before the deadline, your application will be invalid. eQf[3uh/Application form bgq YpSNNN/ A copy of passport b~US/Certified academic transcripts ,gykNfN/ Certificate of graduation (postgraduate applicants only) 4ls^Ջb~US/Supplied English language test results cPO$N\/ Two letters of recommendation (if applicable) gqGr3 _/ Three pieces of photos % N NeNN YՋe{cNSN/All of the original documents shall be provided when enrolling with the University. % 3uNO/Declaration bOb(Wdk3u-NcOv@b gOo`ND&^Pge/fQnxN[tev0 bwSYg,g3u-NvNUOOo`SuSS b^zsSw-NV?el'Yf[VElf[b0,g3u-NvbWoS[bv3u-NV?el'Yf[VElf[bb~cSb NNQ0 I certify that the information I have provided on this application and in any attached materials is accurate and complete. I understand that it is my obligation to notify the Faculty of International Law immediately if there are any changes in the information I have provided in this application. I understand that misrepresentation or omission may be the basis for denial of admission or dismissal from the Faculty of International Law, CUPL. 3uN~{ T/Signature of Applicant:______________________ eg/Date:______________________ gqGr Photo ..../R/0011556r7t7>8 9"9$9R9V:X: d&d P dd| dt&d P  &d P  d&d P //&/8/R/////////0000011121R1T1Z1x1111111112233444555666¾¾dz򀀅{ h@ >* h@ 5h@ 5mH sH h@ >*mH sH h@ CJ\aJmH o(sH h@ CJ\aJmH sH h@ >*mH o(sH h@ h@ o( h@ >*o( h@ CJo(h@ 5aJmH o(sH  h@ 5aJh@ 5aJo( h@ 5o( h)S5o(.66666667 7p7r7t7>8D8L8N8x8~888889 9"9$9(9,9R999V:X::::::;;; ;H;L;;;;;;;<2<6<h@ aJmH o(sH h)ShU6aJo( hUaJo( h$aJo( h@ aJ h@ aJo( h@ 5aJh@ 5aJo( h@ 5o( h)S5o(h@ 5B*CJph h@ >*o( h@ CJo( h@ o(h@ h@ CJ4X:::;;;T<<<<Z===f>\?AABBBBBBBB$a$d d&d P  & Fd&d P 6<P<R<T<X<Z<\<j<<<<<X=Z====f>>\???p@r@@nApAAAAAAAABHBfBlBvBBBBBBBBBBBBBǺǬǬhNh@ CJfH q  h@ CJ h@ CJo(h@ 5OJ QJ ]o( h@ 5h@ h@ o(h@ 5CJOJ QJ o( h@ 5o( h@ aJh@ OJ QJ aJo( hu8aJo( h@ aJo( h$aJo(h)Sh$6aJo(2BBd4&P 182P. 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